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Training & Motivational Talks

Current Mission - June 2024

In partnership with Midleton Hub, I've pitched the idea to host a monthly gathering in The Hub comprising of:

1) Light Life Improvement - Fun & Practical

2) Focused Ideas from You - To aid in Re-Connecting People Forwards (People Living in Midleton And East Cork)

The first gathering will be in June, I wish to keep to a 50/50 split on women/men and to hit all demographics from all circles.

If you have a reason, or are passionate about helping in this area (Mental Health) - I would really appreciate it, please make contact, thank you.


Currently available upon request, tailored for your needs.

e.g. #1 'Why You Should Embrace the Power of Life Coaching in the Workplace'

e.g. #2 'Getting Daily Results and Feeling Full-Filled'

e.g. #3 'Personal Power - Focus & Drive'